Encore on Keys Primary Series

Primary series

Age range: Beginner students aged 8 to 12 years
Course duration: 2 Books/Levels
Student materials: Book, CD and flash cards


Encore on Keys Primary Series is a fun, comprehensive piano/keyboard course. It incorporates a broad range of musical styles such as rock, jazz, baroque, contemporary and classical. Unique elements featured in the Primary Series include rhythm taps to assist in the development of two-handed rhythm reading and playing, and finger taps to establish finger numbers and patterning.

Included in each Primary Series level are:

  • FINGER ZIPS – small pieces that develop keyboard skills on a micro level
  • REPERTOIRE PIECES– solo performance pieces
  • ENSEMBLES – to develop part-playing skills, group interaction and team playing
  • FINGER TAPS – these confirm finger numbers and develop finger sequencing concepts
  • RHYTHM TAPS – two part rhythm reading and coordination
  • FLASH CARDS – a proven way to reinforce concepts and develop reading skills and
  • CD & MP3 FILES – these provide an aural model and excite the student’s imagination

The teaching approach includes:

  • SOLFEDGE/SOLFA SINGING – to develop a strong awareness of pitch and
  • BY EAR PLAYING & SINGING  (BEPS) to link aural and instrumental skills

Students who successfully complete the Primary Series advance to the Achiever Series.


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