Encore SMART System

SMART System

The Encore SMART System integrates all of the essential music learning elements into one complete teaching method. It’s contemporary, vibrant, creative, engaging and comprehensive. The Encore SMART System encompasses five teaching strategies or learning approaches:



Snap Shot

Presenting students with a snap shot of a piece allows them to connect immediately with the music they are about to learn to play. The snap shot informs students about the piece, how it should sound, its melody, tempo and rhythm, as well as setting clearly defined goals.


Movement, Modelling and Gesture

Virtually all musical elements can be experienced physically through movement and gesture. This kinaesthetic approach is an important step in the learning sequence. Modelling encompasses a number of teaching approaches, including finger preparation drills, playing tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments and using a variety of props.


Aural and Singing

Music is essentially an aural art form. Information acquired aurally is confirmed and reinforced through singing and verbalisation. Students develop an internal library of musical sounds and patterns through solfege/solfa singing. This is reinforced on their instrument through By Ear Playing and Singing (BEPS) of key melodic and harmonic patterns.


Rhythm and Reading

Rhythm is fundamental to all music-making. It is the framework that ensures there is a strong connection between all the other musical elements. The Encore approach to rhythm includes the use of speech (word) patterns and time names. Body percussion and gesture are used to reinforce and internalise beat, pulse, phrasing and rhythmic units.

Reading skills are developed through the Encore flash card system. The flash card packs are specific to each level in the Junior and Primary courses. Students not only learn individual notes/pitches, but more importantly, they acquire the ability to read and understand whole units of music such as bars and phrases.


Technique and Artistry

Instrumental playing requires a robust and reliable technique. Without adequate technical skills, musical communication is limited. The Encore approach systematically embeds technical fundamentals into each course. These skills are nurtured and refined as students progress through each level of the Encore SMART System.

Artistry is the ability of musicians to communicate their art effectively through performance, improvisation and composition. Artistic creativity and communication is the ultimate goal of the Encore SMART System.  These skills are nurtured and refined as students progress through each level.